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As a wise business owner, leverage on the potential of the crowd to raise funds for your transactions and grow your business.


Invest your money in profitable transactions guaranteeing optimal returns. Don't just keep your money idle!


Get a better financial compensation on your investment through a profit sharing model


Don't stop the process. Continuous investments and more profitable transactions is an assurance of sustainable growth and economic prosperity for all.

Products & Benefits

  • Purchase Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Bancassurance
  • Featured Advertising
Benefits for SMEs
  • Easy online application
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Fast and quality customer service
  • No cost overrun on transaction
  • Lower cost of operations
  • Free online advisory services from experts
  • Opportunity to advertise on the platform at competitive price.
Benefits for Investors
  • Very attractive returns through profit sharing scheme.
  • Proper matching of funds.
  • Regular update on investment status.
  • Empowerment to choose investment based on risk appetite.
  • Access to diversified investment portfolio.
  • Diversified investment prtfolio.
  • Easy online transaction.

Service Providers & Their Roles

  • Uploading Profitable Transactions
  • Providing funding for uploaded and verified transactions under a profit sharing model.
Custodian Banks
  • Funds Collection
  • Domiciliary Services
  • Guarantee Services
  • Custodian Services
  • Electronic payment solution
  • Payment processing and operation
Transaction Managers
  • Verification and validation of legitimate transactions
  • Appraisal of investment proposals.
  • Transaction execution and management
  • Fiduciary and Fund Management.
  • Escrow Account Management.
  • Profit sharing administration.
  • Safekeeping of collaterals and security assets and pledges.
Insurance Companies
  • Bancassurance Products.
  • Insurable Risks Protection.
  • Investment guarantee program.

Our Operational Guidelines

  • We are a listing platform providing a virtual voluntary meeting space for SMEs and potential investors.

  • We are neither a Financial Institution nor a Broker-Dealer. We are simply a technology company focused on listing SME opportunities.

  • We do not promote any specific transaction; details of transaction(s) are listed for users information only.

  • We undertake adequate due diligence to confirm the authenticity of listed SMEs claims.

  • Investment decisions are independently undertaken by our users in transactional units.

  • Smesxchange does not receive any monies at any stage of a listed transaction.

  • We do not control movement, distribution, disbursement or sharing of monies or returns at any stage of a transaction.

  • All monies or investment matters are strictly handled by licensed Trustees and/or Transaction Insurers; with the funds domiciled with Custodian bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”).

  • No interest is paid on any form of investment(s) via this platform. SMEs choose to share profit as stated in their listings and as administered by licensed Trustee and/or Transaction Insurers.

  • All private information provided by users are strictly confidential throughout the entire stage of any transaction.

Featured Transactions

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